Good Hair Day!

zipper pull copy

I knew that I had to make a toiletry pouch from Kim Andersson’s Good Hair Day collection fabric. I think I’ve been having a bad hair day for about 4 years now but at least I can have a cute toiletry pouch. The pattern I used is the Jade Pouch by Blue Calla. I love its flap and handle.

I made a couple of simple changes to it to personalize it – a fabric zipper pull and accented handle.

IMG_3588   IMG_3582

Fabric Zipper Pull

To make a fabric zipper pull, you’ll need: a lobster clasp, a split ring, and a scrap of fabric. I found the lobster clasp and split ring at the craft store in the jewelry-making section. They’re a bit hard to see in the picture below; the split ring is 1″ down from the top of the fabric. Cut your fabric scrap to 3/4″ x 5″. If your fabric scrap is a bit shorter than 5″, that’s fine. You’ll only lose 1/2″ in length when making it.


On the wrong side of your fabric, mark 1/2″ in from both short ends.


Press each end in toward the 1/2″ mark. Your fabric should be pressed in 1/4″ from each short end. You can always just press your fabric in a 1/4″ without marking a 1/2″ in but I like to have the line as a guide. I always find myself fumbling with the pressing ruler when I’m trying to iron something this tiny.


This part is tedious. If you have a bias tape maker, that would probably be easier, but I have never mastered those. Anyway, take your fabric and mark and center line from the long edge and press the raw edges in towards that line. Then press the folded edge toward the center again. You should have a piece that’s 4 1/2″ long x 1/4″ wide.


All raw edges should be enclosed. Topstitch down the length of the strip.

Take your split ring, and open one of the ends. I normally use the tip of my seam ripper to open it. There’s probably a safer way to do this, as I usually stab myself with this method. After your split ring is pried open, slide in the lobster clasp. Once your lobster clasp is attached to your split ring, push your topstitched zipper pull fabric through the center of the split ring and tie it in a tight knot.


Yay! Your zipper pull is done. I like fabric zipper pulls because they can be made to match any project. They’re a little bit fiddly but they add a nice touch to handmade projects.

Accented Handle

You will need a main fabric, accent fabric, woven interfacing (SF101), and fabric glue (or glue stick). Instead of following the Jade cutting instructions for the handle, cut:

  • 2″ x 7″ piece of main fabric
  • 2″ x 7″ piece of SF101
  • 1″ x 7″ piece of accent fabric


Fuse the SF101 to the main fabric. Mark a line down the center of the interfaced side of the fabric and use your iron to press the sides in to the center line that you just marked. Mark a line down the wrong side of the accent fabric and press* the raw edges towards the center line, (same as you did with the interfaced fabric).

*Sometimes it can be difficult to get non-interfaced fabric to press. You can use a bit of spray starch to get a crisper press.


You should now have a 1″ x 7″ piece and a 1/2″ x 7″ piece.

Take your 1″ x 7″ piece and topstitch an 1/8″ in from the folded edge. The top of the handle will end up being the side with raw edges facing up.


I also topstitched my accent piece at this step to prevent shifting when I sewed it to the main fabric, but if you don’t like stitching over existing stitches, skip this step. The top of the accent piece will be the side with no raw edges. Topstitch as close to the edge as you can.


I like to glue the accent piece to the main fabric to prevent shifting. You can always use clips or pins, but I find they get in my way when I’m trying to topstich and I end up shifting my accent piece. Take your main fabric, with raw edges up and run a bit of glue right down the center where the raw edges meet. Center your accent fabric, raw edges down, on top of the main fabric. Press with a hot, dry iron.


After the handle strip has cooled, follow the existing stitches on the accent piece, and topstitch down to main fabric.

Follow the handle instructions in the Jade pattern for attaching.

handle copy

Thanks for reading! If you add a fabric zipper pull to your project, I’d love to see it; tag me on Instagram

inside copy

GIVEAWAY!!! To win a charm pack of Good Hair Day fabric, leave a blog post comment and let me know what you’re working on. I’ll notify the winner via email at the end of the blog hop.


57 thoughts on “Good Hair Day!

  1. I love the fabric zip pull!!
    I would be working on something if I could figure out what to do with 150 charm squares of Tula Pink from 3 different collections. Lol!


    1. I need a charm square project book because I really like getting charm packs from new collections to see all of the fabrics and then I’m always trying to figure out what to make with them.


  2. Super cute bag, and of course your fabric choice is spot-on. I just finished the Lone Star Quilt, and I am currently looking for something else to do. I’m debating on the Sasquatch quilt, or finally breaking down and making a purse for myself.


  3. Thanks for sharing your project. Really appreciate the closeups. I am putting binding on a quilt right now. Also working on adding hand stitch to an “art quilt”.


  4. Four years of bad hair days! Oh, Girlfriend, you need a good stylist! LOL! Your bag makes me smile and how convenient for all those girly things we need to keep ourselves going.


    1. Oops, I forgot to add what I’m working on right now! Today, I will finish my One Word for 2016 wall hanging. It just needs a bit of quilting and binding and it will be on my sewing room wall to remind me for another 348 days!


  5. I’m working on Itty Bitty Quilts. They’re only 6 inches square.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net


  6. I wish I was working on something fun, but I’m currently making covers for bookcases for the school library to use. As soon as I’m finished, I’m hoping to start on a quilt for my guild’s show coming up in April.


  7. I’m making flannel quilts for the dogs in our extended family. It’s nice because they are not judgmental and they love whatever they receive. And I love each of them very much!


  8. Right now I’m working on getting my sewing room organized so I can get to the projects I need to be doing…like the baby quilt for a grandson and a couple throw quilts.Love your toiletry bag. thanks for sharing.


  9. Cute bag! I’m working on a pink quilt for my 3 year old granddaughter. She chose the fabrics and pattern herself and she didn’t want any white in her quilt.


    1. Hey, Nicole! You probably don’t even remember that you entered the giveaway for a charm pack of Good Hair Day fabric, but congratulations! You’re the winner! Shoot me an email with your address at theclothalbatross at gmail and I will have Windham send the charm pack to you. Sorry for the delay!


  10. Love your bag! One of my project is a miniquilt, it’s going to be a gift for a special friend! And with bold colors too!


  11. Hi Crystal, it’s wonderful to meet you. Love the tute on zipper pull and handle, always stumps me, yours helped tremendously. I’m working on a bag right now (from Noodlehead’s book Handmade Style)..and piecing a queen bed quilt for me for once:)


  12. I’m one of those that likes a few things going at once, so there is a beaded wall hanging, quilt, crocheted rug, and another quilt that I just saw on a blog


  13. I’ve not seen that fabric line….very cute! As far as projects I am working on… Pillow cases that were supposed to be done for Christmas and a baby quilt due in March. Oh, and a couple other things. I am a great starter and a tedious finisher. Darn.


  14. Wow, thanks for the great tutorial! I’ve joined the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club, so trying to master that bias tape maker this month! )) Also I’m doing a little hand appliqué every day as part of #Quilty365.


  15. I’m working on several quilts, but my top priority is binding a quilt for my bed, finally! Cute bag and thanks for the description of the handle!


  16. I am working on a bunch of quilts – all in various stages – and my second Noodlehead Runaround bag. The first went together so quickly, but the second is taking forever. Does anyone else experience this?


  17. I am working on some quilts (for daughter and husband) and a table runner. I have some Valentine ideas coming to mind as well. We will see if I get enough time to complete them!!! Love this fabric and your tutorial is awesome.


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