Carry-All Pincushion

IMG_2914I love the book Handmade Style by Anna Graham of Noodlehead Patterns. There are so many projects in it, all of which I would like to eventually make. The Carry-All Pincushion is the second pattern that I’ve made from the book.

This pattern was super easy to follow. One thing that is interesting about Anna’s patterns is that most of the pieces initially cut are rectangles, even if the final shape has some curved edges. She gives you stitch guides on the pieces. At first, I was a bit thrown off by this, as it’s different from other patterns, but I’ve grown to really like that style. It’s easier to fussy cut your piece and be more accurate, since you’re not distracted by the curve while you’re cutting. I traced my stitch guide onto a piece of waxed paper, iron it to the rectangular piece and then use a Frixion* pen to mark the stitch line and sew directly over the line that I have drawn. IMG_2916

*Frixion pens can be found in the office supply aisle at Target or similar retailer. They’re heat erasable, so they’re perfect for sewing projects as you can iron away your lines when you’re done. I usually only use them on light colored fabrics because they can leave behind a whitish line on darker fabrics.

I didn’t have any crushed walnut shells like the pattern calls for, so I used Poly-Pellets to weigh my pincushion down. I’m definitely going to be making more of these, so I’ll probably try to find crushed walnut shells for my next one. (Make sure if you’re giving a pincushion as a gift and you use crushed walnut shell to tell the recipient in case they have any allergies.)

IMG_2920 I’m currently working on a custom baby quilt and I’m really excited about how it’s turning out so far. I’ll write my next post when I’m finished quilting and binding. Happy Hump Day!

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