Lantana Shoulder Bag


This past week I tested the Lantana Shoulder Bag for Blue Calla Creations.  The Lantana pattern calls for a method of attaching the straps in a way I have never seen before, so I knew that I wanted to spend a little extra time making the straps looking sexy. (Straps can totally be sexy.) I had a charm pack (5″ x 5″ squares) that I decided would work perfectly.

Since the squares were 5″ wide, the straps ended up a 1/4″ wider than the pattern calls for. With this bag, since there’s no hardware needed, I didn’t need to make any alterations. If you were to use a charm pack for making straps on a bag that required hardware, you would need to take that into consideration. For instance, if you were making a bag that called for 1″ straps, you could either cut the width of the squares down to 4″ or purchase hardware that was 1.25″ wide. In the case of needing 1″ straps, it may be easier to cut the squares down to 4″, since 1.25″ hardware can be a bit difficult to find.


The Lantana has an inner slip pocket and I had some charm squares leftover from making the straps, I decided to feature one on the pocket.

My next project is a pincushion from Anna Graham’s book Handmade Style. I’m still trying to decide on fabrics for that one.

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